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Sam Scudder on Workers’ Compensation Reform in NC

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Recent decades have seen great strides in improving workplace safety for all employees. Raleigh, North Carolina, in particular, has decreased workplace injury rates recently, one of only 12 states to do so in 2007. Of course, this news is cold comfort to someone who has endured a severe injury on the job. Sustaining an injury at your workplace can be overwhelming, especially as you consider your future and how you will continue to earn wages if you are incapacitated. Workers comp is designed to protect employees from job-related illnesses and injuries so those employees can receive benefits and pay for their treatment in the event of an accident.

The North Carolina worker’s compensation program is based on the belief that employees should be able to receive full medical treatment for their injuries. As a result, nearly all employers are required to carry worker’s compensation insurance. If you have experienced a workplace injury, you may be entitled to a workers comp claim for coverage of all your medical bills.

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With the help of a skilled workman’s comp attorney, you may receive the compensation you need to properly support yourself and your family.

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