Raleigh Temporary Disability Litigation Lawyers

The process of filing for Short-Term Disability benefits can be extremely frustrating, often resulting in denial after denial. When you have exhausted the appeals that are available to you, the only remaining option is to take your case before the courts. To pursue litigation, you need an experienced Short-Term Disability lawyer on your side.

The Raleigh temporary disability litigation lawyers of Scudder Seguin, PLLC are dedicated to providing the strongest possible legal representation to individuals whose disability claims have reached their deciding moment. Contact us at (919) 851-3311 to find out how we can help you.

Depending on the Discouragement of Denial

The insurers who provide Short-Term Disability insurance are often more interested in preserving their profits than paying out their obligations. Consider that:

  • An estimated 70 % of disability claims are denied initially.
  • If half of those people drop their case (35 % of all applicants) then it is a big success for the insurance company.
  • 85 % of those who file one appeal are denied again.
  • If those people give up, then the previously halted 35 % of claims gain an additional 29.75 %, meaning that through two swift denials, they have eliminated 64.75 % of applications without paying a dime.

In plain language, these numbers mean that insurers often have an incentive to deny claims, even without a good reason. If you don’t find a Raleigh disability litigation attorney to help you fight back, you may lose out on the benefits you deserve.

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Hiring an attorney demonstrates that you mean business, and cases that reach the litigation phase are considerably more likely to be decided in favor of the claimant when an experienced attorney gets involved. Contact the Raleigh Short-Term Disability litigation lawyers of Scudder Seguin, PLLC, at (919) 851-3311 to take your last best shot at the benefits you deserve.