AT&T subcontractor employee denied workers’ compensation

Nineteen-year-old Derek Mims jumped at the opportunity to work installing cable fibers for multinational telecommunications conglomerate AT&T Inc., and got hired by Georgia-based Synchronicity LLC. However, when he got injured, he had issues with the company not paying workers’ compensation benefits due to misclassification as an employee. Others also said they had issues with their wages through the company.

Ansco & Associates of Atlanta president George Summers said they are no longer using Synchronicity as a subcontractor, noting on Thursday, December 1, “Our understanding from what they have told us is that they [Synchronicity] were embarrassed this has come up.” Ansco & Associates is AT&T’s main contractor.

A Synchronicity official denied there had been payment issues with their workers.

According to the complaint, Mims had been trying to place a large drill on a Ditch Witch when his glove got stuck in the machine, crushing his fingers. He then filed a workers’ compensation claim with Synchronicity but was anxious that the company would not honor it because he was treated as a contractor.

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State audit says development is needed on workers’ compensation oversight

The North Carolina Workers’ Compensation Act mandates companies in the state carry workers’ compensation insurance coverage unless their companies are classified as exempt. This law is important in the sense that an employee or a family member is assured of benefits if a worker gets injured or is killed on the job.

Furthermore, the law requires that any employer who has three or more employees working for him or her to provide workers’ compensation insurance coverage at no cost to the employee. Despite these laws, a 2012 series of articles in The News & Observer of Raleigh showed around 30,000 companies in the state were operating without workers’ compensation insurance coverage.

Regarding this matter, State Auditor Beth Wood said, “The fact in the commission’s response is that it does not know how many businesses do not carry workers’ compensation insurance and it will not know until it has the capacity to match and investigate all non-exempted businesses to businesses that carry workers’ compensation insurance.”

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