Former police officer says he was fired after filing for workers’ compensation

Raleigh County, West Virginia resident Thomas Stalnaker said his superiors forced him to resign from the Mabscott Police Department after he tried to file a workers’ compensation claim to receive benefits for an injury he incurred during training.

Stalnaker then filed a lawsuit on Tuesday, May 17 in Raleigh Circuit Court against the Mabscott Police Department, the town of Mabscott, and Mabscott mayor and chief of police Wayne Houck, claiming personal injury liability and constructive/retaliatory discharge. According to the lawsuit, the Mabscott Police Department refused to turn in Stalnaker’s workers’ compensation claim after he sustained a right knee sprain during training to become an officer. He was then subjected to a hostile working environment, which made him resign his post.

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Worker who damaged his lungs in ammonia leak loses lawsuit

Robeson County, North Carolina resident and factory maintenance mechanic Brian Blue was working at the Mountaire Farms poultry plant when he and his supervisor were both injured after an ammonia leak filled the air.

The issue began when the United States Department of Agriculture conducted an inspection of the factory in April 2009 and ordered Mountaire to replace the votator heat exchanger, which uses ammonia to chill the chicken before it is packed. Mountaire, upon purchasing the machine, decided to have employees install the device instead of hiring a contractor to install the part.

A three-judge panel of the North Carolina Court of Appeals unanimously decided last Tuesday, May 17, that Blue has no case against his employer and should use the benefits he is entitled to by the state Workers’ Compensation Act. Blue sued after the June 2009 incident that required Blue to have a double lung transplant after being in a coma for five months.

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Corrections officer fraudulently collected workers’ compensation benefits

Thirty-seven-year-old former Five Points Correctional Facility corrections officer and former Seneca Falls, New York resident Giddel Feliciano is facing charges for fraudulently collecting $38,000 in workers’ compensation benefits to obtain money for his planned move to North Carolina.

According to investigations made by the Inspector General, Feliciano started obtaining workers’ compensation benefits after his shoulder was injured and continued to collect said benefits by submitting fake medical records. Inspectors further disclosed that Feliciano used his saved up sick and personal leave time to keep his entire salary until December 2015 because he was not reporting for work but still receiving unemployment. It was discovered that by August 2015, Feliciano had already moved to Greensboro, North Carolina, meaning he had not qualified for the benefits he was receiving.

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