Corporations work to do away with workers’ compensation insurance

Fifty-six-year-old Texas lawyer Bill Minick has found a legal loophole that may allow certain eligible companies to opt out of workers’ compensation insurance and instead write their own policies. Minick has stated that he hopes to help facilitate the process of “re-engineering one of the pillars of social justice that has not seen significant innovation in 100 years.”

His attempts seem to be working. Oklahoma has recently signed into law a measure co-written by Minick that allows these companies to forego what was previously considered mandatory workers’ compensation insurance.

While Minick and the companies who have followed his lead like to claim that this new form of workers’ compensation will actually be good for employees, there is little evidence to support their claims. In fact, the injury-benefit plans of nearly 120 companies that opted out in Texas or Oklahoma, which were obtained by ProPublica and NPR, showed that those plans had fewer benefits, more limitations, and essentially no independent oversight.

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NYC to prosecute workers with fake OSHA cards

City investigators in New York have begun conducting routine checkups at construction sites to look for and arrest workers with fake safety training cards, a report from the New York Daily News stated.

According to regulations from the United States Occupational Safety and Health Administration, construction workers are required to take safety courses within the agency so that they are aware of and will practice proper safety procedures on and near construction sites. This new measure serves as an attempt to prevent job-related accidents – a move that has apparently been taken for granted over the years as evidenced by the growing number of construction site accidents in the city.

The latest arrests took place on Saturday, October 17. Five workers who were found with fake OSHA safety training cards in Queens and the Bronx were apprehended.

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