Employee hurt in company laser tag awarded workers’ comp benefits

Fifty-four-year-old Timothy Holliday, a former territory manager and outside sales representative for Tropical Nut and Fruit Co. in Asheville, North Carolina, hurt his knee while playing laser tag during the company’s annual three-day national sales and marketing conference in Charlotte in August 2011. In this situation, Holliday was entitled to receive workers’ compensation benefits for his injuries, according to a ruling from the North Carolina Court of Appeals.

The appellate court noted that since attendance and participation in the conference was mandatory and since Holliday was paid for the three-day conference with his normal day-to-day salary, the event was considered a work day.

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Workers’ comp fraud now easily monitored in NC

North Carolina’s Government Data Analytics Center is now making it possible for state officials to easily monitor and identify companies who falsify and illegally cancel or do not acquire workers’ compensation coverage.

Prior to the state controller’s office and information technology vendor SAS’s building of the GDAC system, North Carolina did not possess the necessary tools needed to share information that would make it possible to find out who is committing workers’ compensation fraud before the fact.

The director of compliant and fraud investigations at the Industrial Commission, Bryan Strickland, said an employer is usually only caught not having the required workers’ compensation coverage after an employee files for a claim and discovers they are not insured and have to pay for the cost themselves.

Because of the information given by the GDAC, the Industrial Commission is able to compare data from the Division of Employment Security, for instance, with the data submitted by an employer regarding the number of employees they have.  There is possible fraud noncompliance if the employer reports having three employees but the Rate Bureau does not indicate that the employer appears to have coverage.

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